Current Full E-Touch Version: 10.2.0
Current Demo E-Touch Version: 10.0.0
Current Beta: 10.2.1 Beta 22 (09/02/23)

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Problem with Menu

Started by aetpilot, October 03, 2021, 08:42:48 PM

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I am starting my first skin and am starting with SxxLxxS-PNG_V9.0.04(1024x768).  I have tried to adjust the size, orientation and picture of the Menu view on the Main screen.  I used GIMP to adjust the MENU.bmp file to what I wanted and adjusted the Height and Width in the skin tool.   In the skin tool all that shows is a white box with the buttons (Album, Search, etc) showing.  When I run E-Touch version 10 it shows the Menu view resized but just a white box. 

I am not familiar with BMP files.  Is there some specific option on how they must be saved in order for them to work with E-Touch?  I ask because when I tried to change another bmp file the Progress_Slider_button.bmp it did not work. 

Are most bmp files hard coded into E-Touch (Meaning the program is looking for a specific name)?

Also, I read just a blurb about 01menu.bmp, 02menu.bmp, through apparently 08.  I assume that 01 is specific to the first button, 02 to the second button etc


A select few are hard coded filenames but not many. If you editted the BMP and saved it back with the same name it should work.
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After spending to much of the night on this instead of sleeping here is what I learned.

If you are using GIMP.  On the final confirmation screen when exporting select "Compatibility Options" and check "Do not write color space information".  Under "Advanced Options" check "24 bits R8 G8 B8".  If you are still having problems open the bmp file up in Microsoft paint and then save.

After much testing this is what I think I have learned.

You can designate a view background for eight of the View Buttons.  The naming appears to be hard coded.

       Filename                 Button

     01menu.bmp     -     "Hot Hits"
     02menu.bmp     -     "Search"
     03menu.bmp     -     "Queue"
     04menu.bmp     -     "Setup"
     05menu.bmp     -     "Charts"
     06menu.bmp     -     "Playlist"
     07menu.bmp     -     "Filter"
     08menu.bmp     -     "Album"

There doesn't appear to be one for History.


There should be an image for each menu item.
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