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Started by Norman Marshall, May 25, 2024, 12:23:30 AM

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Norman Marshall

Did the site go down for a while? I tried accessing the web site a few months ago and a message popped up saying "We Are Done, for more information contact your site administrator", I thought you had thrown in the towel Barry, absolutely devastated I was, over the moon its back up and running     
Dear God, Please bring back Bob Marley, In return you can have Justin Bieber. Amen


I am a member of a few jukebox pages on Facebook, and mentioned E-Touch ... hopefully that should bring a few new ppl in.  :)


Yeah I had closed it down but never got around to cancelling the web hosting so I opened it back up as it was easier to do that with it still existing.
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Mark Norville

Typical Brummie, always changing your minds like the weather.

Glad to see the place is back open, I was looking for music video taggers, and decided to have a look to see if it had gone completely, bit of a shock to find it open still.

Hopefully, you get some sales to pay for the hosting, as soon as you get no sales, that is when you need to think about closing, but if you can get a few sales then at least it is a trickle of money coming in, especially if you do not have to do a lot now.

I pretty much have nothing to do with music any more, I never listen to the stuff anyway, but was a fun ride having my own touch screen jukebox, I still have the monitor so never know, I might get back into it, if I can make it look like a proper jukebox instead of crap vinyl wrap.

Hope you are all keeping well.


I am now retired from the jukebox scene. I still visit from time to time and will help if I can, but apart from that. I am no longer a slave to downloading and tagging.


Good to hear from you man. Lots going on at home so virtually no time to do anything outside of that right now. I really want to make some final fixes to this like tidying up some stuff that wasn't complete in the skin tool. Just general polishing really but I have not switched on the dev PC in over a month. Hoping to get some free time in August to do some stuff.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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