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Kizers Project

Started by kizer, February 12, 2007, 12:48:58 AM

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Its not complete, but I'm in the process of mocking things up. As a matter of fact I just did this today. ;) I figure worst case you guys will get a chuckle, but its in the design procress.

My rig is a 1ghz Intel
512meg ram
250gig drive only using 20gig so far
15-inch ELO touch screen minus the case.
64bit Creative labs sound card
32x Cdrom

Well I have Autocad at work, but I'm to ignorant to understand how to use it so I used Cardboard Cad. Cardboard, scissors and some tape. ;)

I over sized it knowing I could always cut smaller later. I'm thinking I like the height its the width and depth I'm undecided about. I'm thinking of picking up one of these type of subs to place in side like I have for my home stereo.

Its going in this room. Yeah I have a kids playground toy inside the house. My boy turned one in October, but didn't get to play with it much because he didn't know how to walk very well and it got cold fast. So in December we decided to bring it in the house for him to play with.

I as well over sized it a little knowing I would need some room for the tabs on the monitor. They are approximately an inch off the monitor, but I also have to account for whatever method I'm going to use to secure them to the backside of the plywood or whatever I end up using. Plus it gives me room to cut and get creative with the base of the Jukebox.

Anyways I'll update this thread with progress and I'll do a complete how/what/why when I start assembling the real stuff.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Sweet dude, heep us updated..
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

Jukebox Stats...


Looks good! I built a juke very similar in form. I think you can make it a little more narrow and you may have to make it a bit more deep to mount the computer inside? I built mine a bit bigger so I could mount the speakers inside too.

If I did it all over again - I wouldn't have even bothered mounting the speakers inside - I have it hooked up to my home theater now.


Yeah so far my PC will fit inside. its 48"High x 24"Wide x 24"Deep. I figured lets mock it up and get the wifes approval. She likes it so far. I almost landed a Sony theater system with 4 tower speakers and a sub, but somebody else beat me to the seller by 10minutes. There goes my stereo sound.  >:(

I actually might make it a bit narrower. Just depends on if I can land a decent stereo for a decent price. I was at the lumber store today looking at MDF and Particle Board. Man what did I see laying on the floor next to it. Oak skin to wrap the MDF or Particle. The wife said heck if your looking at an Oak look by some Oak plywood. Wooohooo.  ;D So if I do it correctly its going to be an Oak cabinet opposed to an Oak looking cabinet.

Its been 17years since Ive been in Woodshop in school. Wish me luck.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Things i would recommend after building one...

1)You want to use a video send for the second screen output. You know the wireless video sending devices, they are pretty cheap. That way you can have the videos displayed on your TV or another TV without trailing cables everywhere. You can run the audio through this too....

2)Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. It's handy sometime to have access to a keyboard at least and a corded one means you have to keep opening up the cab. If you use a skin like the TOUCHTUNES one that doesn't have the options button availble to you or the player you can do these things off a wireless keyboard

3)Wireless sound... You can do this either via the video sender as they tend to be composite video and audio Left and Right. Or you can get one of thoose MP3 Player wirless adapters that transmit it on FM. Or you could go for wireless speakers...

4)Wireless Networking. Even if you have the drives etc all in the cab you can connect to your juke to perform updates for new music, videos etc all without opening it up which is nice. Use some thing like MSTSC or VNC so you can see the desktop remotely too.

Personally i think all thoose above options make the juke a lot tidier and WIFE friendly as you don't have leads running all around the house....
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

Jukebox Stats...


Goodluck on your project dude,

1.  I would defo agree with BB,  Nice cheap GFX Card with option for TV out for 2nd Montior is defo a must for me.  i use a geforce 4 mmx with TV out

2.  get yourself a nice wireless keyboard i use BTC one which has built in joystick for mouse movement, see link below

3. Wireless Audio and Video senders are very good  bad news is my House has 6 wifi PCs so the intereference dont help, but if you only have say one connection. it will rule.

4. make sure you got easy acsess to usb ports and DVD drive etc

need any tips just ask and goodluck dude

Beeks out
"He who has most toys wins"  And i am winning :D


Well I was planning on running everything though the box, but what you guys are suggesting is to use existing stereo with a wireless feed from the Juke to my existing system? Thats a rather slick idea. They would be in two seperate rooms all together, but I'll ask what the wife thinks.

Kinda like using one of them wireless transmitters that an Ipod would use. Tune your stereo to 88.1 or whatever and let it feed.

I wasn't planning on running video, but you know what I have a 250gig drive and Im only using 20gig for my albums. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to store video.

I wonder what the transmitting range would be for audio and video.

Yeah Im all over the wireless net connection. I bought some cheapo card off the net and when I rip with audio grabber it works great for picking up the tags. ;)

Video sender do you mean one of these?

I guess I would run speaker out via headphone to RCA splitter and then video out via Super Video via air into my Stereo/TV... Thats pretty slick.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Would that device transmitt though the walls of the cabinet into the next room which is aprox 30feet way and through one other wall? Im just asking to keep the clutter down and keep it looking nice. I suppose it would be a great temp fix until I pick up some good speakers or heck maybe even live with the sound of my home stereo.  ;D
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Yeah dude, should run fine, i would look at spending aroud 50 quid (100 US Dollars) on a sender, some cheap ones are not as good, keep looking on ebay etc.

"He who has most toys wins"  And i am winning :D


Wouldn't you believe it I explained the setup to the miss and she said. NO.... hahaha.. A jukebox is a jukebox not a remote sending device.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


sounds like this could be a very sweet juke!   ive never let a woman keep me from getting what i want! ....but then again,.. i am still single!!!   :D   haha,  anyways good luck with it and i hope this build turns out as sweet as its sounds!!
Just when you thought it not possible....TwelveNinedy


Well if you saw the pictures up above thats her TV and Her Entertainment center. ;)

Shes not half bad.

Thanks guys. She is correct thou. I'd really like to get it into one box. The dual Tv idea has me thinking too.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Not much of an update really, but Ive been looking to buy an amp to power some speakers and well thinking I need a good Sub.

As luck would have it I was at the dump and some guy says hey I'm throwing this old AMP away and for some reason it doesn't work very well. Being the sucker I am I said I'd give it a whirl. Worst case I'd throw it away.

Come to find out its an old Yamaha Amp and the volume knob and the balance are on the same control. I'll have to open it up and figure out whats loose because it gives you static if you don't have it exactly where it wants to be. The guy had the Loudness knob turned all the way down and I'm guessing thats why his volume was lower than it should be.

Then I'm looking through some Junk in the garage and I remembered I had some Yahama floor speakers and a pair of Pioneer shelf speakers. Leave it to my son to see the center of the Biggest speaker and push in the center.

Now I have to take all that and squeeze it into the Cardboard box looking thing.

More than likely I'll gut the PC and Gut the receiver and mount things on the sides of the walls of the Jukebox when I actually do construct it. As well I'll more than likely pull the speakers out of the cabinets and mount them in the Jukebox and cover with another ply of wood with slits to keep young prying fingers. My 16month boy.  :roll:

I ran this exact setup all weekend with some friends and man it worked out pretty well. Normally we have a guy that comes over and jacks his Ipod into my home stereo and thinks hes a DJ. The problem is he constantly starts a song and never lets it finish, which really annoys us all. He freaked when he saw the touch screen and I removed the player controls so he couldn't fast forward the song. In the end I had more albums than he did and it well worked out great.  ;D
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Hi Kizer

It's great to see your project and that you keep us updated. I was wondering if you have made any progress.
I like the vacuum style floor standing speakers..........LOL . It looks weird and funny.      :D
Keep up the good work. I look forward on seing your project finished.



Haha, yeah its been slow. Money and a 16month baby has been well keeping me really busy. I'm slowly building up my collection and figuring out what I want to do with space and whatnot in the box. Literally cardboard box that is...  ;D
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)