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Touch screen moduals for 17 inch monitors

Started by Thatoneguydavid, February 19, 2008, 05:31:38 PM

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Hello all,  New user here.

So I have been planning out my cabinet trying to find a reasonably inexpensive touch screen for it. This I what I have come up with.

In my work I have used regular monitors and a touch screen overlay placed over them.  And I have found a company that will sell me (well my "company") 17 inch 4wire resistive touch screen modules with controllers and drivers for about $55 dollars (US) plus shipping. 

All you have to do is find a 17 inch monitor on craig's list. And put one of these controllers on top of it.  They come as USB or RS232  and there are drivers for WinME, Win2K, WinXP, WinVista, Linux, and Max OSX

Is anyone interested in going in on this with me?  Just send me a reply and I'll keep a record.

Interested so far:
-Becka (my sister wants me to build her one)

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That looks like a cheap way of getting a 17" screen. I may be interested but not for a week or so.
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I am in if this happens within the next week or so.


I'd be interested!  I do have to say that this type of "overlay" is the type that you have to open your LCD screen and place overtop.  glue/seal it up and place the cover back on, cutting a small hole for the cable.
Which I think is better than the type that rests on top or hangs off the top.
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i don't plan to do that.  i have done this type of modification before for a proof of concept at work.

i never needed the display module back in its original form factor.  so i took the plastic off completely, attached the touch module and then put he hole unit in to another enclosure with a custom bezel.  and i plan to do the same thing with this project.


I'd be interested. I have the type that sits on top of the monitor and I don't like it. I have a dell 17" LCD. They are really easy to take apart.



well, i can afford to front the 550 bucks for the 10 piece minimum.  So, until i have 10 orders i cant make the purchase. 

(i really thought more people would be interested in these. shrug, what are ya gonna do? right.


So we are waiting on 10 orders? If i knew the quality i might be interested in more that one but i need to see what they are like. The overlays are not always that good for using things like the slider and that is why i need to see one before i ordered more.
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let me see what i can do.  i'll contact the manufacture tonight.  maybe i can get them to send me a sample.


Good News! 

they decided to sell me a sample to test their product.  This is a major step forward. it is usually very difficult to request sample sales (internationally).   If i am happy with the touch module i am agreeing to make a larger purchase. i will keep every one up to date. 

Once i receive the touch panel i will do a full review and post my results.  They will also be providing me the data sheet and life testing results.

I will also post a step buy step procedure describing how to attach the touch module to the display of your choice.


Looking forward to the review.
If quality is good I would also be interested in multiple units.


Aggg!!! well as with every thing there is always a catch, right?  this is no exception.  i just relieved an email with a bill for $112  apparently they will not process a sample order internationally.  now they say they will sell me one for 52 dollars and ship it for 60!  what  a pain in the ass.

im not sure what to do now.  i can buy a touch module from a US company for 120 i was just trying to save the extra 70 bucks (i'm getting married and we are paying for the wedding ourselves).

are there any opinions out there?  what do you think i should do?

PS i got the data sheet

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