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Version 10 issues I'm having

Started by karaoke mike, May 02, 2023, 10:57:06 AM

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karaoke mike

MY setup is an i5 with 8 gigs of ram, 500 gb hdd running windows 10 pro using 2 screens, both screens resolution are set at 1024 x 768. Running v10.2 also tried many different versions
When I use any skin with the small round options button, it is there and works properly, but when a skin with the big button for menu it is not there nor are any of its functions, its ticked in the settings which is gone to by using esc. every skin like those two have the same result.
Next when in dual screen and both show now playing and added que on second screen are ticked, it will not play videos in full screen nor karaoke, just in tiny size, but when now playing on second screen is off it works full screen on the second screen with videos and karaoke. Visualizations play on top screen whether ticked or not. I like the back ground and the now playing showing on the second screen without visualizations. So, how do you get that to work?
Also, is it possible to have the top screen just show now playing and added to que then have the videos and karaoke play on the main screen?
Any help is much appreciated. Thank you


First, make sure that you have installed the program to a directory outside of your windows programs directory.  Install it into a directory such as C:\E-Touch.  If you install it where windows defaults to, you will have all kinds of ramdom problems.

Next, make sure you go through and set all the .EXE programs to run as administrator.  Right click on each .EXE file in your E-Touch directory and click run as adminstrator. 

Third, if I remember correctly, you have to set up the two screens in windows so that the main screen is on the left, and the second screen is on the right, and the top of the screens line up.  You can position the screens howerever you  want them in your room, but in windows settings, they have to be set that way.  Right click on your destop, click display settings, and arrange the screens so they are  number one on the left, two on the right, and the tops line up.

As for the skins, Barry may have to chime in.  I run full HD, 1920x1080 on my monitors, and only run the full HD skins, Midnight_Blue(1920x1080) and a couple of seasonal ones I set around the holidaysl.  I do know that if you try and run a skin that is built for a hight screen resolution than you are running, it won't work.  You have to makre sure that you are running skins built for 1024x768.  Also, some skins built for older versions of the program won't work well with the newsest version.  You would have to go in and modify the old skins with the skin tool.  And that is a whole new can of worms that I have never really figure out to well.  Others have said that once you work with it, it becomes easier, but I've never really given it enough time to figure it out.

Good luck, try the above and if you are still having issues, we can go from there.

karaoke mike

I always install on c main drive not in the program files. I have it all setup as you stated about the screens.
Also, I go into properties and have them run as administrator.
Thank you for the input. I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out.


Not sure what the problem is.  Need to know what skins you are having trouble with, and what options you have set in the skins setup menu.  As for visualizations, you can go into the skin tool and move that off to the side, but that will get rid of visualaztions alltogether.  Maybe post a few screenshots of what you have going on would help.  You'll need to post them to a dropbox account, or something similar and link to them here. 

Good luck.

karaoke mike

I'll post screen shots when I get home. Thank you.


Make sure you are running the latest beta, then work from there with any bugs. The latest beta has had lots of bug fixes compared to the main release. 10.2.1 Beta 22 should see you good.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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