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Fish's Jukebox

Started by jonfinpausa, April 03, 2007, 10:41:22 AM

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Hey Barry, you mentioned a couple of days ago you would not mind someone trying to recompile within linux.

Would you be willing to provide us with a copy of the source code ? obviously if this does work we would also need to continue updating in par with your updates on the Windows side.


Hey Netcat,

I dont think it would matter, I have 2 fulltime programmers on staff and they both agree the VB project would have to be completely rewritten to work correctly in a embeded Linux atomosphere.

I ask Barry about purchasing the code a year or so ago, and have my guys work a version for my company.
The project as my staff see's it is 3 weeks, with the code might be 2 weeks.I could have saved some money but even better we could have moved the project further forward and taking some of the work off Barry's but he wasnt interested and I understand that, he has alot of time and effort invested in this.Maybe now that the baby is here he might change his mind and want to pass some of the work along to someone else but that is his decision to make.



Did you see the following information regarding compiling VB apps within Linux

I had some trouble getting to the download link please see this

and this

and this as well:

this is why I brought it up, do you have your guys actively working on a linux jukbox or are you going to?


I understand and agree completely.

I respect and undertand the project is very close to Barry's heart, and would not judge him on any decision he takes regarding this project, after all it is his to do as he wishes.

I would however like to know what his opinion is regarding this at times he has mentioned he woudlnt mind but to the besty of my knowledge has never relased the source.

Again with no intention of offending, I think a simple straight forward yes or no would allow us to better contemplate the possibility of porting freebox to linux, not porting it, or perhaps something totally different.


A port to linux would be a a great alternative, but personally opening up the source and letting it out would give Barcrest less control and well lets face it vultures are going to swoop in and I'd rather not see other authors with other motives ruin something that has been fun and well a great project.

Other than a big thank you to us there isn't any real advantage in letting the source out there for him. I don't speak for Barcrest nor would I ever, but thats just my opinion.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


I have to agree with Kizer. It's a bit risky. Can't we rather club together and ask Barry to give it a go. Club together like a donation I mean.
I would also like to see Freebox working with Linux but I think it should be up to Barry. He is the father of this project and I think we should respect his vision for this project but if he is willing to try it, I am in.


Hey Guys !1

I agree with all of you, it is Barry's decision to make and I believe he prefers to leave Freebox in the windows enviornment and im good with that.I was just putting the alternative possibilty of a mass market jukebox.
Even in the linux world, we still have a lot of work to do.




I will not be releasing the source, i have posted up the source to simple juke. Anyone could make a juke from that, it already works it just doesn't look pretty. As for porting to linux i don't see any benefits at all.. Windows 2000 licences are so cheap that you will not really be saving any money. What you ideally need is a jukebox coded in C or C++ as porting that would be fairly straight forward.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

Jukebox Stats...


I understand your decision and respect it.